Brownell Electrical FAQ

Why do my smoke detectors chirp?
An intermittent chirping sound from your smoke detector can indicate a number of things including a battery That needs to be changed, a malfunction in the detector, environmental factors interfering with the signal, an electrical problem, or may even indicate the alarm itself is at the end of its life.

In 2015 Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill That went into effect January 1, 2017.  This bill prevents the sale of smoke-detecting devices powered by removable, replaceable batteries. Instead, retailers are only allowed to sell smoke-detecting devices with a power source that isn’t removable and lasts at least a decade.

Our skilled technicians can remove and replace your outdated fire alarm with an alarm that is compliant with the new regulations, providing you and your family with a longer coverage lifetime. Call (518) 747-4715 today and schedule your appointment.

How can I tell when an electrical outlet is not safe?

You should inspect your outlets regularly to make sure that they are well-maintained. Worn out, loose or faulty outlets can be dangerous. Some safety tips to check your outlets:

  • Do your electrical covers encase all the wiring?
  • Is it fastened securely to the wall?
  • Are the socket covers chipped or broken?
  • Do the plugs stay securely in the sockets?
  • Are outlets placed at a height that keeps appliances safely from water sources?
  • Do you have three-pronged grounded electrical outlets appropriate for electrical appliances?

Our team of electricians are trained and licensed to identify problems and ensure that you are system is up to code. We are family owned and operated for more than 20 years. Our goal is to ensure your safety and the safety of your family.

Do you give free estimates?
We would love to discuss your upcoming project with you! Please drop us a note to get things started and we’ll contact you as soon as possible to discuss full details. For immediate service, please call us at (518)-747-5001
Why would I need a generator?
Snow, wind, or ice storms in our area can – and do – cause interruptions in electrical service for anything from a few minutes to a few days or longer. Frozen pipes, spoiled food, and being forced to close your business up can be a serious hardship. There are all types of standby and portable generators that will keep your appliances running, your lights on, your house warm and your hot tub running in the event of an interruption.

Give us a call and learn more about how a generator can give you peace of mind. Brownell Electric is a leader in generator sales, installation and service in Glens Falls, Queensbury, Lake George, Saratoga Springs and Clifton Park NY.

When it’s time to call a reliable, professional electrician, call Brownell Electric. Our service areas include not only Glens Falls, Queensbury, Lake George, South Glens Falls, Fort Edward, Hudson Falls, but Saratoga County, Essex County and Albany County. Our residential, commercial and industrial, electrical experience and quality workmanship make us your 24/7 resource for safe and complete electrical repairs and installation.